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Conference Poster

Organizing Committee:

Martin C. Land
Hadassah College
Jerusalem, Israel

Ronald L. Mallett
University of Connecticut
Storrs, Connecticut, USA

James Lindesay
Howard University
Washington DC, USA

Tepper L. Gill
Howard University
Washington DC, USA

Lawrence P. Horwitz
Bar Ilan University
Tel-Aviv University

John Fanchi

Ioannis Antoniou (Local Host)
Aristotle University
Thessaloniki, Greece










The 6th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields

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22-26 June 2008  ♦  Aristotle University  ♦  Thessaloniki, Greece


Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of IARD 2008 appear in Foundations of Physics, Volume 41, Issue 1.


The International Association for Relativistic Dynamics (IARD) is hosting its 6th biennial meeting at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece, 22-26 June 2008.

IARD 2008 marks the association's 10th year of activity since its founding at the 1998 meeting.

Five previous meetings took place in Houston, Texas, Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, Israel, Howard University in Washington DC, Saas Fee, Switzerland, and the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT.

The goal of these meetings is to bring together researchers from diverse fields whose interests involve relativistic dynamics, both classical and quantum. The conference program aims to present recent developments in the abstract theoretical aspects of general approaches in quantum field theory, conformal field theories and string theories, manifestly covariant approaches to classical mechanics, quantum theory, and statistical mechanics, general relativity, classical and quantum gravity, and explore application in such areas as high energy electron spectroscopy, quark-gluon plasma generation in heavy ion collisions, general high energy scattering and particle decay, cosmology, and gravitational waves.


Conference Program

The program is currently being assembled, and will remain open to abstract submissions for several weeks.  

Invited speaker:    Itzhak Bars will speak on Two-Time Physics (2T-Physics)

22 June
Arrival, Registration and Informal Meetings
23 June
8:30-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:00 R. Milo
On the interpretation of relativity theory
10:00-10:40 J. Fanchi
Tutorial on Manifestly Covariant Quantum Theory in Relativistic Dynamics
10:40-11:15 Coffee
11:15-12:00 R. Santilli
Neutron Synthesis and some comments on Science in Greece
12:00-12:30 N. Ben-Amotz
On the relativistic addition of velocities
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:35 A. Harpaz
Two tests for the equivalence principle
14:35-15:10 P. O'Hara
Quantum Mechanics and the Metrics of General Relativity
15:10-15:45 R.M. Yamaleev
The concept of the counterpart of the inertial mass in relativistic mechanics
15:45-16:25 Coffee
16:25-17:00 H. Mohrbach
Spin Hall effect of photons in a gravitational field
17:00-17:45 W.W. Zachary
Properties of Square Root Operators in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
24 June
9:00-9:40 B.H. Lee
On the great magnon and spike solutions for strings
9:40-10:25 I. Bars
Two time physics I
10:25-11:10 Coffee
11:00-11:40 H. Culetu
A time dependent compressible fluid for the black hole interior
11:40-12:15 G. Kraniotis
Motion of a test particle in Kerr spacetime
12:15-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 N. Ben-Amots
Some features and implications of exponential gravity
14:30-15:10 S. Low
Special relativistic quantum mechanics as a projective representation of the inhomogeneous Lorentz group
15:10-15:50 D.L. Rapaport
Torsion geometries, self-reference, multistate logics, time waves and the extended photon
15:50-16:30 Coffee
16:30-17:10 C. Acatrinei
Canonical quantization of noncommutative field theory
17:10-17:45 M. Rivas
On the kinematics of the left of charge of a spinning charged particle
25 June
9:00-13:00 Trip to Vergina Museum
13:00-15:00 Lunch
15:00-15:40 A.L. Garcoa-Perciante
On the physical origin of generic instability in linearized dissipative relativistic hydrodynamics
15:40-16:20 L.P. Horwitz
On the geometry of Hamiltonian orbits in nonrelativistic and relativistic mechanics, a generalized Lorentz force and the Kaluza Klein metric.
16:20-16:50 Coffee
16:50-17:20 I. Antoniou, B. Misra
Relativistic chaos and internal time
17:20-18:00 M. Schiffer
A relativistic Schrodinger equation and additional gravitation relativistic fields in Nature.
18:00-20:00 School of Aristotle Philosophical-Epistemological Discussion
26 June
9:00-9:45 B.L. Hu
Quantum entanglement, recoherence and information flow in a particle-field system and implications for the black hole information issue
9:45-10:30 D.S. Lee
Stochastic Lorentz force on a point charge moving near a conducting plate
10:30-11:10 Coffee
11:10-11:55 I. Bars
Two-Time Physics II
12:00-14:00 Lunch
[Business lunch for planning IARD2010]
14:00-14:40 M. Land
On timelike excitations in the relativistic harmonic oscillator
14:40-15:20 B. Mainland
Highly relativistic bound state solutions of the Bethe-Salpeter equation describing a minimally interacting fermion and scalar
15:20-15:55 S. Kvinikhidze
Gauge invariant currents in the covariant approach to the relativistic three body probloem
15:55-16:40 Coffee
16:40-17:25 A. Kryukov
Eight theorems on the unification of quantum mechanics and relativity
17:25-18:00 A. Gersten
Non-standard Lagrangians and Actions


Conference Registration

The registration fee for the conference is $195. Checks, money orders or bank drafts should be made payable to Howard University, include the notation "For IARD 2008", and be sent to:
   Tepper L Gill
   Department E&CE
   Howard University
   2300 6th ST NW
   Washington, DC 20059


Teloglion Conference Venue

The Teloglion Foundation of Art
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Agiou Demetriou 159A
GR-546 36 Thessaloniki, GREECE


city view

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