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The 4th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields


12-19 June 2004 ♦  Hotel Allalin ♦  Saas Fee, Switzerland

Academic Sponsors

Bar-Ilan University
Howard University
Northeastern Illinois University
Tel Aviv University
University of Connecticut

Conference Proceedings

The full proceedings of IARD 2004 appear in volume 35 of Foundations of Physics (2005), number 7, number 8, and number 9.

Conference Program

Bei-Lok Hu Univ. of Maryland, USA Relativistic Particle Motion in a Quantum Field: New Theory and Applications.
Atshushi Higuchi Univ. of York, UK Radiation Reaction in Quantum Electrodynamics (with Giles D.R. Martin)
Larry Horwitz Tel Aviv Univ. and Bar Ilan Univ., Israel Experimental Possibilities to Observe Classical Off-Shell Phenomena in Radiation Reaction (with O. Oron)
Larry Horwitz Tel Aviv Univ. and Bar Ilan Univ., Israel Relativistic Brownian Motion and Gravity as an Eikonal Appproximation to a Covariant Quantum Evolution Equation (with O. Oron)
Tepper Gill Howard University, USA A Direct Relationship Between The Dirac and Square Root Equations.
Larry Horwitz
Ron Mallett
Session in Memory and Honor of Kurt Haller
Ron Mallett Univ. of Connecticut, USA The Gravitational Effects of Circulating Light Beams
Fred Cooperstock Univ. of Victoria, Canada A Revised Planck Scale and a Re-examination of Closed Timelike Curves
Constantin Piron Geneva, Switzerland Einstein Gravitation
Atshushi Higuchi Univ. of York, UK Some Issues Concerning Linearized Gravity in de Sitter Spacetime
Hristu Culetu Romania Lambda and the Heisenberg Principle
Richard Matzner Univ. of Texas, USA Hyperbolicity and Constrained Evolution in Linearized Gravity
Hans Montanus Netherlands Flat Space Gravitation
Young S. Kim Univ. of Maryland, USA Standing Waves in the Lorentz-Covariant World
Evgeni Kolomeitsev Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark Chiral SU(3) Dynamics and Resonances (with M.F.M. Lutz)
Martin Land Hadassah College, Israel The Discrete Symmetries of Off-Shell Electrodynamics
(Stueckelberg-Schrodinger and its Associated 5D Gauge Theory)
Igor Shovkovy J.W. Goethe University, Germany Physics of High Baryon Density QCD
William C. Schieve Univ. of Texas, USA On the Manifestly Covariant Boltzmann Equation: Irreversibility
Amos Harpaz Technion, Israel The Coaccelerated Observer
Alexander Krasnitz Univ. de Algarve, Portugal Classical Dynamics of Gluons in the Central Rapidity Region
Matej Pavsic Josef Stefan Institute, Slovenia Clifford Space as a Generalization of Spacetime: Prospects for QFT of Point Particles and Strings
Netsivi Ben-Amots Haifa, Israel Non-Equivalence Between Acceleration of Rotation and Linear Acceleration
Tomislav Ivesic Univ. of Zagreb, Croatia Invariant Special Relativity and Geometric Formulation of Relativistic Electrodynamics. Comparison with Standard Approach
Paul O'Hara Northeastern Illinois Univ., USA Mass Gauges and the Dirac Equation
Alex Gersten Ben-Gurion University, Israel Field Approach to Classical Mechanics
Alex Gersten Ben-Gurion University, Israel Aliasing-Like Time Symmetry in Quantum Systems
John Fanchi Colorado School of Mines, USA Introducing Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to Energy Students


Early Morning at Saas Fee Conference Center

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