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The 3rd Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields


24-26 June 2002 ♦  Howard University ♦  Washington, D.C., USA

Conference Proceedings

The full proceedings of IARD 2002 appear in volume 33 of Foundations of Physics (2003), number 8 and number 9.

Conference Program

L. P. Horwitz Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University The Conformal Metric Associated with the U(l) Gauge of the Stueckelberg-Schroedinger Equation
David R. Finkelstein Georgia Institute of Technology The Quantum Universe as Computer
John L. Challifour Indiana University The Dynamical Semigroup in Relativistic Quantum Gauge Theory
Ruggero M. Santilli Institute (or Basic Research, Palm Harbor, Florida Invariant Lifting of Special Relativity for Interior Dynamical Problems and Arbitrary Interactions
Paul O'Hara University of Illinois, Chicago The Spin Statistic Theorem and Rotational Invariance
David Batchelor NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Models for Antiparticle Pairs in Vacuum Fluctuations
Netsivi Ben-Amots Haifa, Israel Basic Aspects of Relativistic Rotation: Franklin Rotation of a Sphere
Woodford W. Zachary Howard University Magnetic Interactions of the Electron and the Dirac Equations
Bryce S. DeWitt University of Texas, Austin The Everett Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Ronald L Mallett University of Connecticut The Gravitational Field of a Circulating Light Beam
Cecile DeWitt-Morette University of Texas, Austin Dynamical Vector fields in Quantum Physics
Elliot Lieb Princeton University Stability of a Model of Relativistic Quantum Electrodynamics
John R. Fanchi Colorado School of Mines Relativistic Dynamical Theory of Particle Decay
Martin Land Hadassah College, Jerusalem Higher Order Kinetic Term for Controlling Photon Mass in Off-Shell Electrodynamics
Ori Oron Tel Aviv University Eikonal Approximation to 5D Wave Equations as Motion in a Curved 4D Spacetime
James Lindesay Howard University Canonical Proper Time and Global Systems
Bryce S. DeWitt University of Texas, Austin A Survey of Quantum Gravity
Matej Pavsic Josef Stefan Institute, Ljubljiana, Slovenia Clifford Space as the Arena for Physics
Amos Harpaz Israel The Equation of Motion of a Charged Particle
Alexander Gersten Ben Gurion University, Israel Euclidean Relativity
Franco Piazzese Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, Italy Radiation Energy from an Accelerated Charge
John B. Pitts St Edward's University, Austin, Texas The Special Relativistic Approach to Einstein's Equations
Marcus Alfred Howard University A Test of the Calculability of the Lindesay, Markevich, Noyes, Pastrana (LMNP) Formalism for Relativistic Scattering
Netsivi Ben-Amots Haifa, Israel Basic Aspects of Relativistic Gravitation: Variable Rest Mass and Motion of a Pair of Masses
Tepper L. Gill Howard University Analytic Representation for the Square-Root Operator of Relativistic Quantum Theory


Frederick Douglass Memorial Hall at Howard University

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