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The 2nd Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields


26-28 June 2000 ♦  Bar Ilan University ♦  Ramat Gan, Israel

Conference Proceedings

The full proceedings of IARD 2000 appear in volume 31 of Foundations of Physics (2001), number 6, number 7, number 8, and number 9.

Conference Program

M. Gyulassy Columbia University New Solutions to Covariant Non-Equilibrium Dynamics
J.D. Bekenstein Hebrew University Extending Kelvin's Conserved Circulation to Relativistic MHD
F. Cooperstock University of Victoria Energy and the Dynamics of Bodies that Emit Gravitational Waves
A. Davidson Ben Gurion University Geodetic Brane Gravity
D. Salisbury Austin College, Texas Quantum General Invariance and Loop Gravity
E.I. Guendelman Ben Gurion University Scale Invariance Cosmology and Strings
H. Culetu Ovidius University, Romania Topological Defects in Cosmology
M. Lutz University of Darmstadt Relativistic Chiral SU(3) Dynamics with Coupled Channels
B. Segev A Light-Fronts Approach to a Two-Center Time-Dependent Dirac Equation
Y. Strauss Tel Aviv University Two Channel Relativistic Lee Model
M. Pavsic Josef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana Clifford Algebra Based Polidimensional Relativity and Relativistic Dynamics with Invariant Evolution Parameter
R. Lieu University of Alabama Relativity as Quantum Mechanics of Space-Time Measurements
T. Ivezic Ruder Boskovic Institute, Croatia True Transformation Relativity and the Covariant Majorana Formulation of Electrodynamics
T. Gill Howard University, Washington, D.C. The Non-Uniqueness of the Maxwell-Lorentz Theory and a Unique Definition for the Horwitz-Piron Theory
E. Recami University of Milano "Superluminal" Experiments and Relativistic Causality
J. Fanchi Colorado School of Mines Nonlocality in Relativistic Dynamics
H. Montanus Netherlands Proper Time Formulation of Relativitic Dynamics
F. Piazzese Politecnico of Torino A Pythagoran Metric in Relativity
I. Aharanovitch Bar Ilan University Classical Relativistic Dynamics
O. Oron Tel Aviv University Radiation Reaction of the Classical Off-Shell Relativistic Charged Particle
M. Land Hadassah College Covariant Stark Effect
S. Sklarz Weizmann Institute Relativistic Fluid Dynamics
A. Gersten Ben Gurion University Maxwell Equations as the One Photon Quantum Equation


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